St.Thomas Orthodox Church Society

St.Thomas Preschool Sarita Vihar Delhi

Much of our inspiration and dedication to start up with this school comes from the success and fruition of almost 30 Schools in Delhi.St.Thomas Orthodox Church Society, Sarita Vihar is the local frame of the Indian Orthodox Church under the Diocese of Delhi.

The history of the Orthodox Church in India is mapped back to the year 52 AD. St Thomas (our Patron Saint ), the disciple of Jesus Christ is credited with the establishment of Christianity across regions in the South of India starting from Cranganore. The role of the Church in the field of education within the country cannot be undermined. The Orthodox Church envisioned a futuristic agenda- to be of help to the society. Consequently, today this body manages several educational institutes and avenues for higher and professional studies. There are also healthcare institutes and a number of allied offerings like hospitals, old age homes, orphanages and destitute homes across Indian states.


St.Thomas Preschool Sarita Vihar Delhi

The Emblem symbolizes the divine task and sincere intention to carry out and achieve the basic aims of education. Our motto “ Spread Light for Knowledge ” signifies the ennobling task of education, to cast out the darkness of ignorance and evil through wisdom and humane understanding. The open book reflects the treasure of wisdom, attained through the learning process. It is reminiscent of the Holy Bible, which exhorts that “ The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”.

The cross, a symbol of Love and Sacrifice, urges mankind to seek the Almighty, share the divine love, and follow the path of peace and reconciliation.

The emblem is encrusted in a circle which represents perfection of knowledge. The burning candle reminds us to shine forth with the attainment of knowledge and wisdom and also prompts us to give than to gain.

Our Goal

Our aim is not just to create another face in the crowd but to nurture each student in to developing a personality, which can do the nation proud. Children come to us as toddlers; they will leave school as young adults, their personalities and potential, largely determined by their experience in school,

The Pre-primary Years are perhaps the most significant; as we stress on the all-round development of each child. The school helps the students to discover their self from within and allows freedom of thought and expression to distinguish between right and wrong, It also imbibes such values among the students that will help them to cross all hurdles and barriers in life. At St. Thomas Play-School, we believe that a successful child is one who wants to learn and that exploration is easily the best way to learn.

We follow a non-formal approach to learning. Children are encouraged to explore the environment around them and their place in it; through activites which integrate art, craft, music and dance. Outings and picnics are arranged regularly. Activities are designed to develop their fine motor skills and encourage their sensory development. In success, they learn that hard work is as important as talent and skill and from setbacks they learn that it is an inspiration to strive for betterment

Eventually, the experience of school must be a happy one. A bored and listless child, an exhausted and over worked child, an aggressive and angry child or a frequently scolded child is not happy. We attempt to provide an environment where learning happens in response to an awakened interest and curiosity. We try to spark the child’s imagination with the best in art and nature, giving him/her the opportunity to express his/her own thoughts and feeling as well.
In all the functions of the school the learning process in enhanced.


  • 1. Rev.Fr. Dr. Adv. Shaji George :– Chairman

Office Bearers for the year 2021-22

  • 1. Mr.O. Omman Panicker – Vice Chairman (Society)
  • 2. Mr.M.D. Varghese :– Treasurer(Society)
  • 3. Mr.Biju George :– Treasurer(Church)
  • 4. Mr.Jimmy Mathew :– Secretary(Church & Society)

St. Thomas Pre-School Governing Body

  • 1. Mr.Sabu Thomas
  • 2. Mr.Varghese Mathew
  • 3. Mr.Kochumon P.V
  • 4. Mr.Sam P. John
  • 5. Mr.Shaji Pothen

Our Other Schools(Under Delhi Diocese)

  • St. Paul’s School (HauzKhas )
  • St. Paul’s School (Aya Nagar )
  • St. Gregorios School (Dwarka)
  • St. Gregorios School (Janakpuri)
  • St. Thomas School(Faridabad )
  • St. Thomas School(Indirapuram)
  • St. Thomas School(Sahibabad)
  • St. John’s Model School(MayurVihar-I)
  • St. Mary’s School (Kanpur)
  • M.G.M. School (Gwalior)
  • St. Gregorios School (Gwalior)
  • St. Mary’s School (Chandigarh)
  • M.G.O. School(CWS, Jayant)
  • M.G.M. School (Singrauli)
  • St. Thomas School (Lucknow)
  • St. Thomas Sr. Sec. School (Jaipur)
  • St. Basil School (Rohini)
  • St. Gregorios School (Meerut)
  • St. Gregorios School (Ludhiana)
  • St. Joseph’s Pre School (Tughlakabad)
  • St. Stephen’s Pre School (Dilshad Garden)
  • St. James Play School (MayurVihar -III)
  • St. Gregorios School (Jodhpur)
  • ShantigramVidyaNiketan (Mandawar, Sohna)
  • St John’s Sr. Sec. School (Greater Noida )
  • St. Gregorios Play School (Bhiwadi)
  • St. Mary’s Play School (Jaipur VKI)